[Trombone-l] choice-explained more thoroughly

Mark Mohwinkel mooseherd004 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 15 12:31:35 CST 2005

This question has already evolved into completely new
discussions, but I'll chime in anyway:

It's gotta be Urbie.  I first heard of him 30-some
years ago and ever since have wished I could emulate
him - notice I said wished and not tried - since there
never was and never will be any chance of even coming
close.  :(

The thing that always got to me was the velvety (sp?)
smoothness of his playing.  I keep trying to come up
with the right adjective, but haven't found anything
that quite describes it for me.  Some I've tried are
fluid (not enough), like water (too thin), quicksilver
(too slow, but close).  Maybe like melted chocolate,
but that doesn't do anything for me either, since I'm
not that fond of chocolate!  Could listen all night -
hmm, maybe I will....

Mark M.
Hudson, WI

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