[Trombone-l] Great Moments from Rosolino

George Carr georgecarr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:55:10 CST 2005

> Apparently Sinatra was a
> very big fan of Franks, and accoding to my friend, the big fan, on one
> particular recording that was made, Sinatra sent his private jet to Vegas to
> pick up Rosolino and fly him to the recording session, and did not start the
> session until Rosolino was there.

That story is from a Capitol record called "Come Swing With Me,"
recorded in March 1961 with charts by Billy May and Heine Beau.  Why
would Capitol put up with prima donna behavior like this from Sinatra?
 Not only because he was a superstar, but also because he'd just
started Reprise Records the year before, and Capitol was anxious to
keep him away from that label as much as possible.

Reprise Records trivia: the first guy that Sinatra hired for "artists
and repertoire" after starting the label was: Duke Ellington.  The
first artist that Ellington signed to Reprise Records: Duke Ellington.


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