[Trombone-l] Great Moments from Rosolino

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One of the guys in town is a MAJOR Sinatra Fan.  Apparently Sinatra was a 
very big fan of Franks, and accoding to my friend, the big fan, on one 
particular recording that was made, Sinatra sent his private jet to Vegas to 
pick up Rosolino and fly him to the recording session, and did not start the 
session until Rosolino was there.

I agree with Bill, Frank left us way too early, and was a unique and gifted 


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> Chris wrote:
> "Frank has a unique style of singing which may be a little "outre" for 
> those
> who primarily like the more traditional big band singer like Sinatra.  His
> is a more "marcato" and quirky style.  I kinda like the style for a bop
> group."
> I must confess to not having this album until about 2 years ago. Since 
> then it has become one of my 10 most listened to CDs. This is a 
> fascinating opportunity to explore the mind of a true jazz giant. When 
> Chet Baker sings, you can really hear his mind working; and when he plays 
> the trumpet, you can hear the "instrumental version" of his singing. The 
> similarity of Frank's singing and playing is also remarkable. He doesn't 
> play and sing the same licks, but the tremendous time and swing feel is 
> always there. His great sense of humor, as exemplified by the "wild man" 
> cover art (in a cage composed of trombone slides), is ever present. We 
> don't get to hear the "dark side", but then I guess not many people did, 
> and that is just as well. I would rather remember the sunny side of one of 
> the world's greatest trombone players and jazz masters.
> Bill Dinwiddie
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