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I guess the initial query is interesting, but I wonder how JJ or Urbie 
would have answered a question like this. It seems to me from my 
personal and historical vantage point, that all the people you've 
mentioned were striving to do something that hadn't previously been 
achieved. Isn't that what most of our icons share? All of the people 
you mentioned have influenced me directly, or through 
recordings,etc...but I respectfully choose to be me and find what I 
have that makes me unique. It's not a profitable decision, but at least 
I get to make honest music that no one cares to hear.

 David Gibson

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> If you had the choice, for the rest of your career,
> to play like, and have the talent of, JJ or Urbie
> (not a combination of).  Whom would you choose? Why?
> For you bass trombonists:  George Roberts or Dave
> Taylor?
> _____

On Tenor--JJ
On Bass--George

Nor more choices???????????


Tom Izzo
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