[Trombone-l] Great Moments from Rosolino

Bill Dinwiddie billdin at comcast.net
Mon Nov 14 14:36:00 CST 2005

Scott wrote:

"The Lemon Drop Kid, as Rosolino was called did a lot of commercial
and big band singing in his pre-Kenton days."

For the greatest, funniest, hippest Rosolino singing and playing, I highly 
recommend the album (or CD) "Turn Me Loose". Frank sings on almost every 
tune and he is great. On "Pennies From Heaven" he manages to combine playing 
and singing, and does some hilarious scatting and yodeling as well. This man 
was a musical genius with a marvelously inventive sense of humor. I am so 
sad that he chose to end his life so early. He had so much more to say to 

Bill Dinwiddie
billdin at comcast.net

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