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Yes. . .the mood swings were there for anybody with good understanding of 
this stuff (readers of Psychology Today?).  Most probably thought the 
appelation was for his crazy sense of humor, or his love of a good time 
(e.g. he liked to have a puff of wacky weed every once in a while. . .this, 
too is an interesting psychological study in itself. . .turns out musicians 
are "sensate" types of personality. .prone to sensory exploration and 
experience. . aware of exactly how they "feel" ).

I'd recommend that we focus on the really great musical things Yo-Yo. . 
.errr Frank did.  The disease stuff, as striking as the story is. . .is 
really just like dwelling on JJ's cancer and his choice to end it all. . . 
.it's really just the dramatic "Epilogue" of a life which has so much more 
joy and love of music than anything else (don't we all have some 
particularly sad event in our lives?).  When I hear the music Frank or JJ 
made. . .I can totally foget about all the bad stuff out there.  It soothes 
the soul as they so often say.

Everybody dies. . .many much more gracefully or elegantly.  Sadly, two of 
our biggest bone-player heros died in a sad and dramatic ending.

NOT everybody plays jazz trombone like these two.  Life can be odd up there 
at the pinnacle of jazz bone playing.  And I think it takes a unique 
personality to pull off this "jazz entertainer" thing.

I'm just thrilled I got to meet Frank once (really just seconds).  Thrilled 
I hung with Conte for twenty minutes backstage at USC.  More than totally 
thrilled that I've spent hours with Dick Nash, playing and hanging (you 
know, even though Dick and I spoke about a lot of different stuff, I've 
never mentioned Frank. . .we did talk about how were were sad about some 
other music guys who got stuck on heavy drug activity. . .but I'd rather 
think about positive stuff. . .I think Dick is like that too!).  Thrilled 
too, that I've spent years playing in sections with guys like Dave Wells, 
Mike Suter, Dave Woodley, Dave Ryan, Dan Weinstein, etc.

. . one funny thing. . .so many of us bone players are just really cool, 
decent guys and gals.  THAT is an interesting phenomenon!

Chris Tune

PS-I guess a lot of the interest in the darker details is really a desire 
toward intimacy.  One of the signs you are truly getting intimately friendly 
with somebody is that they will open up a bit about their demons. . .or 
darker side.  Nonetheless I always still try and keep at least my peripheral 
vision focused on the light.  Otherwise I'll have to trace back with those 
doggone breadcrumbs I left on the trail in. . .

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> Hi to all,
> George Roberts told me that Frank's nickname amoung the guys was "YoYo", 
> because he apparently went through some pretty big mood swings. Frank's 
> brother, "Gabby" said the same thing.
> Mike Barone even wrote a trombone ensemble chat named "YoYo" dedicated to 
> Frank. Great chart!
> Regards to all
> Matt Litwaitis
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>> Thanks for this Rosolino reference, George. I've often wondered why he 
>> took
>> his life with such an upbeat attitude which he displays in this
>> conversation. I saw him several times during the 50's when he was with
>> Kenton and also when he was playing with a pick-up band at the Pasadena
>> Civic Auditorium. He was always impressive and I found his solos easy to
>> listen to.
>> Stan
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>> I have that LP (got it signed by Conte when I played with him a few
>> years ago), and it is spectacular.  Rumor has it that there was
>> another LP, and maybe even a TV special, made during that same trip to
>> Italy; if anyone knows where to find it/them, I'd love to hear about
>> it.
>> Rosolino spent a lot of time fighting anti-Italian bias in his early
>> days; there are lots of discographies where he's listed under other
>> names, like Frank Ross and Francis Ross, and nicknames, like the Lemon
>> Drop Kid.  He talks about the early days at length in this 1973
>> interview, if you're interested:
>> http://tinyurl.com/83kga
>> George
>> On 11/14/05, Scott Garlock <sgarlock at ashland.edu> wrote:
>>> You might also want to check out the LP Conversation that Ros did w/
>>> Conte Condoli. On the title track, Ros and Condoli do rather a lot of
>>> scatting-just searing stuff. It's really striking how closely their
>>> scatting resembles their playing.
>>> The Lemon Drop Kid, as Rosolino was called did a lot of commercial
>>> and big band singing in his pre-Kenton days.
>>> On Nov 13, 2005, at 8:28 PM, George Carr wrote:
>>> > He sang a track or two on each of his solo albums: check out this
>>> > guy's list for good examples:
>>> > http://tinyurl.com/b5yeq (amazon.com)
>>> >
>>> > Also, the Bethlehem box set of Porgy and Bess (in which Frank sings
>>> > and is in the cast, plus plays in the backing band) has finally been
>>> > re-issued on CD; definitely worth picking up.  He turns a minor
>>> > Gershwin gem ("It Takes a Long Pull to Get There") into an
>>> > unforgettable piece.
>>> >
>>> > George
>>> >
>>> > On 11/13/05, Stan Brager <sbrager at socal.rr.com> wrote:
>>> >> Jeez, where have I been? I've never heard Rosolino sing - all he
>>> >> did was
>>> >> play the tastiest and the swingingest jazz in any band he was in.
>>> >>
>>> >> Stan
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