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You didn't selectively snip that, did you?  <g> I didn't answer the bass
trombone question because I don't play bass, but I would have had to go with
George if forced to make a choice.  Similarly I choose Urbie over JJ.  

Neither case is a value judgement for me.  I don't claim one is better or
worse than the other on any scale, musical, moral or otherwise.  It's just
that the style I would like to play, given no personal limitations, would be
closer to Urbie or George than JJ or Dave.  I like to reach a bigger
audience - JJ or Dave is a bit of a smaller niche.  I think of myself as
more of an entertainer than an artist.  

Although.  Some of the Urbie arrangements, like maybe on Green Power or 21
trombones, are on the cheesy side.  

Good question, Charles.  But it reminds me there's a project I've been
putting off far too long.  I really need to burn those two LPs to CD.  Along
with the dozen or so others I saved when I put the turntable away.  

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>> For you bass trombonists:  George Roberts or Dave Taylor? 

> That one's easy.  Urbie, no doubt at all.  

???????????????????????????  ;-)


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