[Trombone-l] F attachment tuning slide on Conn 72H

Jim Preston jpreston1 at cox.net
Sun Nov 13 21:35:49 CST 2005


Yes, the long tuning slide is there for that reason. However, I (and the 
others I knew who had a 72H) kept the slide tuned to F and pulled it 
when needed. Of course, this was over 35 years ago, and there weren't 
quite so many low B's then :-) There might have been some that kept the 
slide pulled out. If so, I wasn't aware of them.

I remember playing (in 1968) Fantasie Concertante by Jacques Casterede. 
There is a low B at the end of a cadenza, with no convenient place to 
pull the slide, so I lipped it down the best I could. It probably 
sounded terrible.

There is probably a line inscribed on your slide showing the approximate 
location for the B tuning.

Jim Preston

Stephen Jones wrote:

> I am new to bass trombone playing.  I have an Elkhart 72H (single rotor)
> which I am pleased with.   But a couple of questions come to mind.  Is the
> 9" long f attachment tuning slide on this horn intended to allow a player to
> play low b natural without having to lip it down?  I know many bass trombone
> players now use dual rotors to allow playing low b natural in something
> other than 7th position.  But when single rotors were still common among
> bass trombone players, did many of them/you keep the f attachment tuning
> slide pulled almost all the way out to allow this?  
> Thank you.
> Stephen Jones
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