[Trombone-l] Comparison: Yamaha vs. Getzen

Jeff Albert jeff at jeffalbert.com
Fri Nov 11 14:13:34 CST 2005

I like the Getzen for the money.  Both are good instruments, but the  
Getzen seems to be a better value.

Of course, as mentioned a good used name brand horn is also an  
option.  Ferguson (hornguys.com) has a used 62H (the new edition) for  
$1750.  I have a former student that has a newer 62H like that, and  
it is a good horn.


Jeff Albert

On Nov 11, 2005, at 1:12 PM, Donna Lucas and Louis Jensen wrote:

> My 13 year old son plays the bass trombone in his middle school  
> jazz band
> and symphonic band.  He has been playing a school owned bass  
> trombone, but I
> will soon have to buy him a new one.  We have two candidate bass  
> trombones,
> a Getzen 1052FD and a Yamaha YBL613H. They are very similar, both  
> have dual
> independent rotors and the bore sizes are almost identical (Getzen  
> 0.562,
> Yamaha 0.563 inches).  The Getzen bass trombone costs between US 
> $1800 and
> US$2700 and the Yamaha costs about US$3000 (US distributors).
> Members of this society are certainly familiar with the quality of  
> trombones
> made by different manufactures.  Based on your knowledge of the  
> trombones
> made by Getzen and Yamaha, which bass trombone would you  
> recommend?  Why do
> you suspect that there is a large variance in the cost of the Getzen?
> Is there another bass trombone that I should be considering?
> Louis Jensen
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