[Trombone-l] Comparison: Yamaha vs. Getzen

Donna Lucas and Louis Jensen jenluc at direcway.com
Fri Nov 11 13:12:31 CST 2005

My 13 year old son plays the bass trombone in his middle school jazz band
and symphonic band.  He has been playing a school owned bass trombone, but I
will soon have to buy him a new one.  We have two candidate bass trombones,
a Getzen 1052FD and a Yamaha YBL613H. They are very similar, both have dual
independent rotors and the bore sizes are almost identical (Getzen 0.562,
Yamaha 0.563 inches).  The Getzen bass trombone costs between US$1800 and
US$2700 and the Yamaha costs about US$3000 (US distributors). 

Members of this society are certainly familiar with the quality of trombones
made by different manufactures.  Based on your knowledge of the trombones
made by Getzen and Yamaha, which bass trombone would you recommend?  Why do
you suspect that there is a large variance in the cost of the Getzen?

Is there another bass trombone that I should be considering?

Louis Jensen

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