[Trombone-l] Mystery of Edwin Drood?

Harlan Feinstein harlan at feinsteins.net
Thu Nov 10 12:39:32 CST 2005

  Tommy> Hey y'all...  Has anyone played the musical "The Mystery of Edwin
  Tommy> Drood?"  I've just been asked to sub on it tomorrow night.  Do I need
  Tommy> any strange mutes?  What kinda trombone do you think most suites it?
  Tommy> (small bore, large bore, etc) Thanks for any input you may have!

I don't remember the bone book in particular, so can't say exactly.  The sound 
they're going for is very orchestral, not jazz or pop.  Piccolo trumpet, 
double reeds, etc.  I don't think it's going to call for anything more than 
straight and cup, if I had to guess.  I'd guess you're okay leaving the other 
stuff at home.


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