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Chris Tune crtune at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 10 09:14:25 CST 2005

Now, Bill has made me look foolish.  Or at least less than thorough in 
explaining the economics of this:

If you offer lots of money, someone with one of these mutes may very well 
part with it.  Also, I know that you could talk to Rick Acosta.  He has a 
Bass Bone one of these mutes.  Most likely he wants to hang on to it.  I 
looked at it last night at rehearsal, and it looked beautiful.  He said he 
picked it up in Las Vegas, which is apparently where Finch was living.

RA?  Are you a lurker?  Maybe he's out there (saying "shut up, Chris!")


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> Sure, they are probably appraisable at a higher and higher price, but 
> NOBODY I know who has one really wants to sell it.  This is NOT an 
> investment.  If this were a stock, it would be called very closely held 
> and somewhat overvalued, due to great hoarding going on.
> The main advantage to the Jo-Ral (I can't get the image of Marlon Brando 
> out of my head now. . .) is that it is designed around the classic "cork 
> on a cone" design, as opposed to something with tabs, or springy jaws or 
> something like that.  The stuff that sticks out in a mute bag may 
> eventually be lopped off, broken off, or otherwise demolished.  I keep my 
> two Jo-Ral's (I bought a new one when I thought I lost one. . .turns out 
> my section mate had found the mute and I was able to retrieve it) in 
> reserve, against the day when my EZ Buck gets "munged".
> Chris
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>>I have two of Jerry's bucket mutes... One for a tenor and one for a bass
>> trombone. They are great. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away. Perhaps the
>> mutes are appreciating in value?
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