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Chris Dearth mr.dearthian at verizon.net
Wed Nov 9 22:03:42 CST 2005

I didn’t know it was going around and hadn't encountered this one. It
definitely smelled funny.  You folks pretty much affirmed what I was

Thanks a bunch,


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My name is on a school's website that publishes names and contact
information about teachers in my area. Most or all of those teachers have
received letters very much like this. There are many scenarios, but
generally it's the same tone, similar level of illiteracy (depends on
purported nationality of the writer), and the same pattern. Someone living
out of the area of the recipient of the email claims to have a child
interested in studying an instrument with, guess who, the recipient. 

I stopped reading these a long time ago, but I think the point is to gather
personal information about the recipient. I've heard of people who have
responded, but never got the details, other than the whole thing went
nowhere as far as getting a new student was concerned. 

In any case, it's a scam. The repetition of the scenario makes that clear. 

Fellow trombone listers,

Got a weird email today on my Hotmail account.  Thought it was a very odd
email.  Smells like some sort of scam.  I removed the persons name in case
it¹s a real person (I don¹t really think it is).  Personally, it stinks of
some sort of email scam you find from various African countries.

Here¹s the message

 >Good day to you over there,i am Mr ***** ******
 >from Las Vegas ,Nevada I need a Music tutor for my
 >daughter (John), i got your advert while surfing
 >through the internet and i really want my child to be
  >taught by you.John is 16 year old and easily catch
 >up.Although,i understand you are in (WV} but i've
 >arranged with my cousin sister living there that
 >my son is coming to stay with her for his period of
 >tutoring and she had agreed with me,.I
 >want you to get back to me with following details:
 >1)your present residence address and telephone
 >2)total cost of tutoring for  1 months(2 hours
 >per day)
 >3)your years of teaching experience.
 >Payment via cashier's check or money order,looking
 >forward to hearing from you soonest.

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------ End of Forwarded Message

Tell me what you think folks.

Chris Dearth
Principal Trombone, West Virginia Symphony
Adjunct Instructor, West Virginia Wesleyan

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