[Trombone-l] Aharoni retires from JSO

eliezer aharoni eanogmus at netvision.net.il
Wed Nov 9 21:54:30 CST 2005

Hi Listers
Glad (& sad at the same time) to anounce that I took an early retirement
plan from the
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra after 35 years service (40 if you count from
the first day
I  made a sound) in this orchestra.

I am continuing teaching, book writing and arranging. U plan to visit the
USA around March
2006 and open to suggestions about clinics, ensemble classes etc.

Best wishes

Eliezer Aharoni
Former Bass Trombonist, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Author: New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone
Avilable from Hickey's (USA) Warwick, MusT (England)
POB 4025, Jerusalem ISRAEL 91040
Phone ++972 2 5341333 cell 0524 868866

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