[Trombone-l] FW: Trombone teacher needed; strange

Harlan Feinstein harlan at feinsteins.net
Wed Nov 9 16:50:00 CST 2005

  Chris> Got a weird email today on my Hotmail account.  Thought it was a very
  Chris> odd email.  Smells like some sort of scam.  I removed the persons
  Chris> name in case it¹s a real person (I don¹t really think it is).
  Chris> Personally, it stinks of some sort of email scam you find from various
  Chris> African countries.

Not only is it a scam, but we've been goofing on that scam today, on the Trombone-L list.  This is the "I want to overpay a ridiculous sum for some service via cashiers check, and have you wire the remainder back to me" scam.  The cashiers check takes a while to bounce, and meantime you've wired the "change" back to someone in another country.


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