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Edwards, Kenneth KEdwards at SanJacinto.k12.ca.us
Wed Nov 9 12:39:36 CST 2005

I've started playing again and have just one question.  Would that be an
appropriate mute to use on a $150 Besson straight tenor trombone I found
in a local pawn shop (nice sound and sweet slide action, but looks like
it survived the Battle of Britain)?  P.S. - Would you take a personal
check?  ~Ken Edwards

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For Sale:

One Trombone Bucket Mute Made by the Renown Jerry Finch. 

This mute is one of the very few still in existance. 

Price: $750.00. + 150.00 for shipping ($250.00 if shipping to Canada).

Condition: Good Enough

Please contact:
Bill Dinwiddie
billdin at comcast.net

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