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Galen & List Members

I also owned a Jerry Finch bucket mute and the Finch mute was one of the 
best of the best; however, mine developed two cracks in the body of the mute 
and I was never able to successfully patch the mute and it was retired.

Several years ago, I contacted Steve Ferguson, from Hornguys.com, a seemed 
as though Steve was very interested in getting the mute back into 
production, after Jerry's death. Steve even went so far as to contact 
Jerry's family, with the idea to purchase the mute making equipment Jerry 
had used. Seemed as though he was too late, as the family had thrown the 
equipment away, shortly after Jerry's death, probably when they were 
disposing of the estate.

I first saw the Finch mutes at one of the very first International Trombone 
Festivals I ever attended, at George Peabody College for Teachers, in 
Nashville, in the very early 1970's, as this was when Jerry was playing in 
Las Vegas and making mutes there. I still have a brochure, somewhere around 
the house, from that workshop that Jerry was handing out, about his bucket 
mutes. He also made that mute for trumpet and flugelhorn. When I purchased 
mine, he had moved to California and had me trace around my bell and send 
him this tracing. He produced the mute to fit your bell size.

Thanks for reminding me about that great bucket mute, Galen!

Denny Seifried
Bass Trombone-Springfield (OH) Symphony & Dayton Jazz Orchestra
Adjunct Trombone-Wittenberg Univ. Dept. of Music

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>I have two of Jerry's bucket mutes... One for a tenor and one for a bass
> trombone. They are great. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away. Perhaps the
> mutes are appreciating in value?
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