[Trombone-l] Difference?

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Strangely enough, musicals were exactly what I had in mind.

I'd never played one before two years ago, as the local musicals never
carried more than one bone and we had plenty of talent in my area.  

Then I moved!  I've played two now, Guys & Dolls and Wonderful Town, and
probably will do Funny Thing Forum (sic) this year.  There was no audition,
they'd heard me play in church and called on that basis, and asked me back
the next year.  Yes, I play the notes, have to work my butt off to do it
though.  I think that I don't really do them justice - I'm sure I don't play
the nuances of the style the way you pro's would do it.  And I couldn't sit
in and read it the way a pro would.  

They keep asking though, partly because like Patrick I'm available and
cheap.  And maybe partly because I show up half an hour early, sober, with
my music, smile, and laugh at everybody's jokes, don't demand any special
accomodations, etc.

Now tomorrow I have a National Anthem gig, solo.  That may be another one an
amateur shouldn't do.  If I chip a single note it will be obvious, everybody
knows this one.  But I felt obligated.  (I still haven't been told if I'm
singing or playing.  Guess I'll bring both, I may not know until show time.)

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> While the pro may take jobs he'd rather not, sometimes the amateur will
> jobs he *should* not!  <grin>

Sounds like the time I said "yes" when one of the local high schools didn't
have a bone player that could play a show, "west side story". Still didn't
have one that could play all of it after I agreed to help out !(shrug) While
I was  comfortable on the majority of the music (1st book and bassoon book)
There was a couple of things I never did play right, even on closing night!
What do you do when there's no one else around??? I'm the closest thing
they've got to "competent", without paying a fortune to bring someone in
from at least an hour's drive away, and they can't come up with gas money,
never mind pay wages!


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