[Trombone-l] Finch

Bill Dinwiddie billdin at comcast.net
Tue Nov 8 16:09:57 CST 2005

Matt wrote:

"Just out of curiousity.... How many of you out there have ever had a Jerry 
Finch bucket mute?
Reply privately if you like, or start a whole new thread about Jerry Finch 
or his mutes."

Yes, I still have the Finch mute and I like it a lot. Not quite as velvety 
as the H&B, but very easy to put on and very light.

Easy to carry in your bag because you can put your cup mute into it, and so 
it takes up very little room.

If you want an H&B type sound, just stuff a rag into it.

It this mute still being made?

Bill Dinwiddie
billdin at comcast.net

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