[Trombone-l] more about buckets - make your own

Adrian Drover slide.rule at adios.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 01:50:16 CST 2005

From: "Wayne Dyess" <TexasTbone at gt.rr.com>

> I gotta tell ya, I am not one of those Jo-Ral fans.  I had to look before 
> I commented.  I have one of those gosh-awful things.  I HATE the sound... 
> I hate the look... I hate the feel.

I have to agree.  I don't have one.  I hope I never have to buy one.  The 
younger guys seem to be buying these awful things.  They just don't sound 
like a bucket mute.  I'm still using my hand made Peter Gane (London) mutes. 
Beautiful to play.  In tune.  Feel nice.  Sound nice.  Well made to last a 
lifetime if you treat them right.  The bucket fits inside the bell.  None of 
those awful clips to fiddle with.  Are these mutes still available?


Adrian Drover
ADIOS, Scotland www.adios.co.uk
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