[Trombone-l] Difference?

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While the pro may take jobs he'd rather not, sometimes the amateur will take
jobs he *should* not!  <grin>

I would say there is no point on the continuum of increasing competence
where amateur stops and professional starts.  There may be a point where
attitude changes.  

Like another poster, I also have observed the people I consider pros have a
higher level of consistency.  Their worst days are not so far below their
best, whereas the amateur may rise to an occasion, or flounder unexpectedly.
This may have more to do with attitude than skill level.  

Recently on one of the piano forums there was a discussion of how to answer
the question "Do you play piano?"  Many people would not answer yes, despite
some years experience and some level of skill.  (piano is one of those weird
instruments where you can take lessons for decades and never play for
anybody else.  Some do, perhaps most.)  It is purely an attitude thing.  I
think the same thing occurs on trombone to some extent.  

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The most obvious answer is getting paid, although a few of us "amateurs" get
paid once in a while. I think (personally) that an amateur plays for the
love of it, while a pro (who may also love it) has to make a living with the
horn, and as a result might have to take gigs that he'd rather not.

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> What's the difference between an amateur and a pro player?

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