[Trombone-l] more about buckets - make your own

Wayne Dyess TexasTbone at gt.rr.com
Mon Nov 7 23:29:59 CST 2005

You know... and I know... the old adage "different strokes for 
different folks" certainly applies to us trombonists, especially in 
regard to our mute collection.  Folks have suggested all sorts of 
concoctions as their preference in a bucket mute.  I gotta tell ya, I 
am not one of those Jo-Ral fans.  I had to look before I commented.  I 
have one of those gosh-awful things.  I HATE the sound... I hate the 
look... I hate the feel.

It doesn't SOUND like a bucket mute... it doesn't LOOK like a bucket 
mute... and it surely doesn't FEEL like a bucket mute.  All it is... is 
convenient (and expensive).

OK... back up a few years.  OK... back up a LOT of years.  Back in my 
younger days, I went down the sorry path of going through this 
mouthpiece, then that one... back to #1... on to a new one... tried and 
bought more than I care to admit.  I got over it.  I'm down to two or 
three mouthpieces that work for me.  I actually LIKE two of them.  I 
play a 5G of some kind with my big equipment (88H-SGX), and a 6-1/2 AL 
with my small bore tenor (usually a Bach 16M).  The 3rd I seldom use is 
when I'm stuck on a lower part and needing more oomph and ease in the 
cellar... then I'm on a 2G.  Those work for me.

But zip along about 30 years.  What in the world is up with me lately?  
I must have bought a ton of mutes over the last couple of years.  You 
guys on Trombone-L are driving me nuts.  Gotta have this mute for that, 
and that mute for this.  OK.  I'm in Seattle last summer.  Forgot my 
mute.  Dang.  Downtown music store had two choices.  Jo-Ral and some 
cheap card-board painted red and white that didn't fit my axe.  What's 
up wit dat?  So I buy the Jo-Ral.  Hells Bells.  I didn't know it was a 
dang BUCKET MUTE!!!!   But I had heard of Jo-Ral on trombone-L, so it 
had to be good.   hmmm (ha)

And I thought I was so suave and cool.

Ah wuz wrong!
--Wayne Dyess

On Nov 6, 2005, at 10:05 PM, Daryl Burch wrote:

> I tried it with a different "bucket" before. Only problem was I kept 
> gettin' BBQ sauce all over my slide. And the other 'bone players on 
> the stand kept following me home....
> #:-)
> -D-
> On Nov 6, 2005, at 5:01 PM, Chris Tune wrote:
>> That's cool.  I could make one just like this and use one of my spare 
>> trombone stands. . . .who nose?  maybe this is the ultimate bucket.?
>> Chris
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>>> Seriously, though, I did design my own bucket mute.  Once, when Ben 
>>> Vereen was coming to do a symphony pops gig, the word was sent a few 
>>> days ahead for us: "bucket mute required."  I didn't have one at the 
>>> time, no store in town had one and no time to order one, so I took a 
>>> white plastic bucket that had had paint primer in it (I think the 
>>> dried primer on the inside helps the sound, actually) and punched a 
>>> hole in the side large enough for the top of a trombone stand to go 
>>> through and set at an angle corresponding to the trombone bell.  I 
>>> adjusted the bucket and trombone stand so that the bucket matched up 
>>> with my bell.  I put a small towell in the bucket, and the sound was 
>>> quite nice.  Fits in my mute bag, and could wrap up other things in 
>>> the towell and keep in the bucket.
>>> I proudly set up my home-made bucket mute at the Vereen rehearsal.  
>>> But, oddly, but there were no "bucket mute" indications in any of 
>>> the music, and not a word from the conductor about using it!
>>> I was so disappointed, but I brought it home and put it on my utilty 
>>> room shelf, where my wife saw it and promptly through it out!  But I 
>>> made another, labeled it "RAY'S BUCKET MUTE" on the shelf so it 
>>> won't get thrown out again at home, and have used it a few times.
>>> Raymond Horton
>>> Bass Trombonist
>>> Louisville Orchestra
>>> Chris Tune wrote:
>>>> Maybe if you design a bucket mute, which is actually oval.  AND 
>>>> about ten feet long. . . then this is quite possible.  Of course 
>>>> most of the leaders I know wouldn't like the look of the mute.
>>>> It would stop the others from saying "forget the bucket".  This 
>>>> would be too big to forget about!

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