[Trombone-l] Difference?

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You can only be who you are.  And the fact that you ARE a trombonist 
and a musician versed in the genres you perform prevents you from being 
the rock musician you financially envy.  The TRUTH is that those people 
are who they are and you are who you are.  If you tried to write those 
tunes and perform them convincingly, I would imagine that people would 
know that you were being dishonest.

I had a philosophy professor in college who used to always quote the 
"classic" question:  "Is it better to be a human being and be unhappy, 
or be a pig and be happy?"....or something to that effect.  It's been a 
minute or two since I was in college.

David Gibson

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    I've begun to notice issues of "competence" more and more lately. 
I've noticed that people will often say to me. . . "You sounded GREAT!" 
, or perhaps "That was a beautiful solo!", or something similarly 
indicating competence. . . 
  Then when they are walking away talking to others. . . they may be 
shaking their heads. . .or maybe laughing . . .there are very many, 
very subtle indicators, that they are not quite SOLID in thinking me so 
very CLEVER. 
 I've got a working hypothesis: 
  Playing really well is stupid! At least playing really creatively on 
trombone in a jazz setting is not an enormous sign of a high triple 
digit IQ. . . 
  The way my theory goes: . . . if I were really smart, instead of 
stupid (like I had this 180+ "Einstein" IQ), I would have developed the 
ability to play crappy guitar (absolutely NOT jazz guitar. . .that 
would be self-defeating) and sing these very, very easily composed 
"Alternative Rock" tunes that I hear. I've realized that this is a much 
more efficient way of producing music, since many of the musical 
fragments are used over and over verbatim by all the different artists 
who call themselves "Alternative Rock" artists (e.g. Beck, Morrissey. . 
.). This means I could probably write at LEAST one or two tunes a day 
all the time (even while leading a very busy debauched life) . . unless 
I'm gigging and touring the world. . then I'd have to rest up a bit 
 from all the drugs, and endless groupie sex sessions and all the 
shopping I'd have to do to try and spend all the money I'm getting from 
this really awful music I'm pedalling to ignorant masses. 
  Also, I'd have to get used to throwing temper tantrums. Right now, 
that simply won't cut it. I'd be fired on the spot. But in this more 
enlightened state, I'd be too, too invaluable to be confronted over 
something as trivial as being MATURE. 
  If I had gone this other route, THAT would be a sign of very high 
intelligence. Not maybe good taste, or sophistication or appreciation 
of the HISTORY of music. . .and what music really MEANS. . .but it 
would be "smart". . 
  By now, I'd have a house in Brentwood. . .and a huge guitar 
collection. . .and lots of women around all the time. . .probably 
trying to get at my wads of cash. . 
  I don't know If I'd be so FREAKIN' happy as I am now (also my 
improvising would be much, much worse). . .but then being STUPID really 
helps you be happier (I think this writer Orwell covered this pretty 
well. ). . .I recommend it to anyone worrying too terribly much about 
how WELL they are doing. 
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  > How about the fact that a pro is willing to endure the financial 
angst of > being a professional musicican no matter the plethora of 
other skills they > may possess? 
 > Oh...and there is the issue of competence. 
 > David Gibson 
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 > What's the difference between an amateur and a pro player? 
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