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Some interesting answers... Let me take it to the next step. How do you 
tell the difference between a pro, and someone who does it for a 
living?   (or for Earl... someone who gets paid to drive, and a 
professional driver)

Trbnplyr wrote:

>For once, someone asks a very intelligent question. No, I'm not being
>judgmental, but it is a question that needs to be addressed more often than
>what it is. 
>I believe that it goes much deeper than just getting paid for playing. On
>the surface, it is the money issue.
>In my experience, the biggest difference between the amateur and the
>professional is the APTITUDE and the ATTITUDE. Jeff is right on the
>mark---professionals can get the job done on fewer rehearsals and more often
>than not it will sound the better than MOST amateur groups.
>Here are some benchmark ideas that, in my mind, separate the amateurs from
>the pros:
>1) A beautiful sound in all registers and at all dynamic levels.
>2) Consistent intonation.
>3) Playing with a good standard of time.
>4) Accurate subdivision of the beat.
>5) Correct execution of the rhythm.
>6) Making your dynamics relative to the group
>7) Does your style agree with that of the whole of the group?
>8) Do you read EVERYTHING on the page and not just get the right notes?
>9) Being a team player
>10) Are you nice to be around?
>11) Do you show up on time (and that means about 10 minutes early) and are
>you ready to go when it's time to start?
>12) Do you practice when you really don't feel like it?
>If any of you happen to have the book entitles THE TROMBONIST'S HANDBOOK by
>Reginald Fink, the last chapter of the book has to do with the professional
>attitude. Excellent stuff.
>I came up with these things very quickly, but in my mind, whether a group is
>compensated monetarily of not, if they do all of these things well, then
>they are professional.
>Paul Kemp     
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>The most obvious answer is getting paid, although a few of us "amateurs" get
>paid once in a while. I think (personally) that an amateur plays for the
>love of it, while a pro (who may also love it) has to make a living with the
>horn, and as a result might have to take gigs that he'd rather not.
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>>What's the difference between an amateur and a pro player?
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