[Trombone-l] Conn 72H & Remington Mouthpiece

Denny Seifried ddsbstrb at woh.rr.com
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Chuck & List,

All of the Conn Elkhart bass trombones used the Remington taper mouthpieces, 
that being a 72H, 60 & 62H, 71 and 73H and I am not sure about the Elkhart 
70H bass trombone. Remington taper, of course is not the machinist 
terminology for this taper, as I remember a thread, either on here or the 
Forum, and Gary Greenhoe gave the machinist's term for this taper, as it is 
not the #1 Morse taper used by most others, including Bach.

I believe my Conn Elkhart 62H came with some kind of Conn Constellation 
(Remington taper) and was given a number, maybe a Conn #3 and was gold 

Most standard Schilke large shank mouthpieces are made in the Remington 
length and shank taper, and this is why the don't fit very well into a 
Bach-styled receiver. In prior years, I always ordered my Schilke bass bone 
mouthpieces by special order, with a shorter and proper Bach taper, to fit 
my horns. Luckily, the new Schilke Symphony Series comes standard with a 
Bach shank and Bach length.

I also remember making a special order to Bach, for a Bach 1.25G, with a 
Remington shank, before I switched to Minick lead pipes (with Bach taper) in 
my Elkhart 62H. It only took Bach about 9 months to get it to me and that 
was the last one I ever ordered, as I went to removable pipes, shortly after 
that deal!

Hope this helps.

Denny Seifried
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Anyone ever hear of either of the following:

(a) Conn 72H bass trombone with Remington taper. This would be a 1950's 
vintage horn.

(b) a "Remington" mouthpiece that was suitable for bass trombone (e.g. a 
1.5G cup with a Remington tapered shank and perhaps a Remington (external) 

I have a customer with an old 72H that appears to have a Remington receiver. 
I may be displaying my ignorance, but I have never heard of a Conn bass 
trombone with a Remington receiver.  Of course the 8H and 88H's are well 
know to have been made this way until the mid 1970's or thereabouts.  But 
the old basses too?

Anyone have any clues?

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