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Again, I will 2nd that.

I count myself very fortunate to have been able to share the stand with, in my humble opinion,  some of the truly magnificent players of our time.  Vinny Colaiuta is one of the most musically talented drummers I have performed with and he is one really great guy (at least for the very brief period that I was able to talk to him).  


PS - Attached is a small version of a pic I took during sound check.  If anyone wants the full sized version just email me off list and I will be glad to send it to anyone that wants it.
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> I just posted this on the OTJ, but thought it might be relevant to this 
> topic too...Once again, sorry for the length...
> Alex Iles
> Once again, sorry for the length.
> > Sorry this got a little long, but I really wanted to share my 
> > inspiring experience.
> >
> > In my 20+ years as a freelance musician, I have been afforded the 
> > opportunity to observe and/or share the stage/studio with some truly 
> > outstanding musicians. Many of them are world class talents, many are 
> > unknown to the general public. Several of these musicians have left 
> > those of us fortunate to be playing along with them in awe and at 
> > times, speechless [Eddie Daniels immediately comes to mind!!!].
> >
> > For me, there is a smaller group of players that REALLY leave a 
> > lasting impression. They are the ones that do something you might have 
> > heard 100 or more other musicians do hundreds of times, yet when THEY 
> > do the same thing, you cannot help but sit up and LISTEN!!
> >
> > [like the first time I heard Dick Nash play just ONE note!]
> >
> > Such was the case last weekend when I played on what could and many 
> > would argue SHOULD have been a mostly tedious gig backing up a series 
> > of singers [of varying degrees of talent] paying musical tribute to 
> > latin pop star, Jose Jose. The event was produced by the Latin 
> > Grammy's to recognize Jose for his numerous musical achievements.
> >
> > For those of you too young or otherwise unfamilar with J.J.'s music, 
> > let me just say he was a HUGE pop singing star in the world of Latin 
> > music in the 60's through the 80's. Today, his voice is severely 
> > damaged so that he no longer sings the crooner/pop tunes that 
> > catapulted him to stardom in the Spanish speaking world [particularly 
> > his home country of Mexico].
> >
> > We backed up 12 different singer/groups. Just about every tune we did 
> > was a ballad--some bossa's, some 12/8 pop/schlock, a couple Bolero 
> > style songs...you get the idea. We rehearsed for what seemed like 
> > HOURS for two days prior to the event.
> >
> > Throughout the rehearsals, I sat in AWE of the drummer on the gig, 
> > Vinny Colautia. Most of us have heard/worked with scores of drummers 
> > playing a truckload of pop tunes [BALLADS!] like these. Then there's 
> > somebody like this guy who makes MUSIC doing it EVERY step of the 
> > way--for HOURS on end, and you don't ever want it to stop!!
> >
> > Thanks to Vinny, this gig actually became one of the most musically 
> > interesting gigs I have had for a LONG time. And it was not just that 
> > he possesses impressive "chops" or "technique" [Vinny possesses both 
> > in droves!!], it was his time, his feel and just that undefinable 
> > THING that 99.9% of other drummers--even some great ones-- lack.
> >
> > He made every beat of every bar of every tune important and that 
> > attitude spread to the rest of the band like a virus. He made us WANT 
> > to play...even this music, which was in not the type of music you 
> > would necessarily dream of playing with a drummer of his caliber.
> >
> > Vinny might be one of the small handful of truly top-shelf world class 
> > musicians I have ever heard play. His roots are in the jazz world, but 
> > he has a strong background in other forms of music too. He is equally 
> > inspired by Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Buddy Rich, Dave Garibaldi, 
> > Billy Cobham, Clyde Stubblefield, Tony Williams, etc etc.
> >
> > He has performed/toured with [among others] Sting, Chick Corea, Faith 
> > Hill, Frank Zappa, and get this...Sammy Nestico has even called him 
> > one of his favorite big band drummers today. His own self named solo 
> > CD, is a drum clinic, but also very interesting in many other musical 
> > ways. It is more of a fusion-style thing that would probably not be 
> > everyone's cup of tea [no bone solos!], but it is quite spectacular 
> > and there is some great playing on it.
> >
> > He gives 100% to every musical situation he is placed in and sounds 
> > RIGHT doing all of them. A remarkable ability. Many drummers come 
> > close to this level, but VERY few convince you RIGHT away of that 
> > "right ness" in each of these situations. Everywhere he plays, the 
> > response is pretty much the same: "We gotta get this guy for OUR gig!"
> >
> > WHATEVER the musical "style"...and it is all the same to Vinny.
> >
> > It's about making music.
> >
> > The soundcheck alone preceding this job was an incredible musical 
> > experience. Someone could have release it as a cd. The band [including 
> > the outstanding legendary session guitarist, Dean Parks--who I just 
> > learned on this gig used to play tenor sax on Woody Herman's band with 
> > Sal Nistico!!] blew through Solar, a couple Billy Cobham tunes and 
> > funk vamp that every student drummer from every music school I know of 
> > would be downloading RIGHT NOW if it were available!
> >
> > Hearing and playing with Vinny Colautia reminded me in a most vivid 
> > way that many of the best musicians show their greatness in the way 
> > they do "simple" things extremely well.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Alex Iles
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