[Trombone-l] Difference?

George Carr georgecarr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 09:36:55 CST 2005

> I would add ratio in as well.  If you're playing for money more often than for free, I would count that.  I do like the "having to take gigs" idea - pretty accurate.

Two thoughts:

1 - the "having to take gigs" is a big factor: the main reason I call
myself "semi-professional" is that I have a day job and can turn down
gigs I don't want.

2 - lore in my family (which includes many people with non-traditional
employment) has always defined "professional" as "having an acceptable
worst."  In other words, if your worst performance (behind the horn,
in front of a student or a class, or whatever) is good enough, you're
a professional.  This might not help, but it's another way of looking
at the dichotomy.


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