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For once, someone asks a very intelligent question. No, I'm not being
judgmental, but it is a question that needs to be addressed more often than
what it is. 

I believe that it goes much deeper than just getting paid for playing. On
the surface, it is the money issue.

In my experience, the biggest difference between the amateur and the
professional is the APTITUDE and the ATTITUDE. Jeff is right on the
mark---professionals can get the job done on fewer rehearsals and more often
than not it will sound the better than MOST amateur groups.

Here are some benchmark ideas that, in my mind, separate the amateurs from
the pros:

1) A beautiful sound in all registers and at all dynamic levels.
2) Consistent intonation.
3) Playing with a good standard of time.
4) Accurate subdivision of the beat.
5) Correct execution of the rhythm.
6) Making your dynamics relative to the group
7) Does your style agree with that of the whole of the group?
8) Do you read EVERYTHING on the page and not just get the right notes?
9) Being a team player
10) Are you nice to be around?
11) Do you show up on time (and that means about 10 minutes early) and are
you ready to go when it's time to start?
12) Do you practice when you really don't feel like it?

If any of you happen to have the book entitles THE TROMBONIST'S HANDBOOK by
Reginald Fink, the last chapter of the book has to do with the professional
attitude. Excellent stuff.

I came up with these things very quickly, but in my mind, whether a group is
compensated monetarily of not, if they do all of these things well, then
they are professional.
Paul Kemp     


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The most obvious answer is getting paid, although a few of us "amateurs" get
paid once in a while. I think (personally) that an amateur plays for the
love of it, while a pro (who may also love it) has to make a living with the
horn, and as a result might have to take gigs that he'd rather not.

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> What's the difference between an amateur and a pro player?

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