[Trombone-l] dg talks equipment???

Chris Tune crtune at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 6 18:59:48 CST 2005

Barry you are not that lonely at all.  I'm only able to play on one of the 
following three horns:

King 2B
Conn 6H
Bach 16M

Right now its mainly the Bach because I like the lower weight of the horn, 
and the lightweight slide.  I kinda prefer the tone of the other two, with 
the King being the right mix of sounds and the Conn being kinda "crisp", 
which I like for jazz.

I may have the Conn slide lightened. . .Sandhagen keeps eyeing the thing 
every time I bring it around. . .and he starts talking about how easy it is 
to lighten a slide.

Mouthpiece now is Chocolatero from G&W.

Wayne:  Woudja believe?  I started on a Conn 4H (vintage probably mid 
fifties).  I'm sorry I got rid of that.  Bell was tiny but not the tone.  It 
was rich and dark.  Yes!  Dark even in a sub-.500 bore horn.  Really nice 
resonant build and proper design was probably responsible.


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> On Nov 5, 2005, at 11:08 AM, Barry Green wrote:
>> Maybe one day I'll be enough of a man to play a big horn like you guys,
>> nah, probably too late for me but you guys sounds are beautiful.
>> Signed,
>> The lonely peashooter.
> ============
> Ha!  Well, Barry -- you are not the ONLY peashootin' bone guy out there. 
> Ha.
> I know of myself and Ken Barnes to name but two.
> I also play an 88H-SGX in our symphony and for brass quintet... but a Bach 
> 16M for my jazz work and for when I need a lighter sound.  I also have a 
> Bach 36 that gets used from time to time.
> Then, for different gigs I also have at my disposal a Conn 6H and a 
> beautiful older 4H.  I don't play those as much, but only because of their 
> sad slides.  Otherwise, I love the tone from them both.  Ebay is a 
> wunnerful place...
> Fun, dis trombonium stuff.
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