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This really does sound like someone had Googled "Shires Trombone" and got 
Hornguys, Steve Ferguson's website.  Then dutifully copied the text from 
Steve's descriptions.  I believe these descriptions are actually not exactly 
the same as those on Shires's website.  I'd think that Shires site would be 
higher up than Hornguys on a Google of "Shires Trombone", because Google 
uses the number of times a website is referenced by any other website that 
they have catalogued, to indicate relevance.  That means Shires own site 
would be likely to be the highest in this case, unless for some reason 
Hornguys gets referenced a lot by lots of other sites.

When ever you deal with anybody on a horn sale, always insist upon Escrow of 
the money.  It is worth it for you to offer to PAY all the escrow cost. 
After all, you are the one likely to lose all your money and not get the 
proper gear, or get stolen, broken or "funky" gear. With escrow, you 
indicate whether you received the merchandise in good order, then the 
payment is made. This might not help you if you have a good Shires trombone, 
but one which is stolen.  There cannot be that many stolen Shires horns out 
there.  Look around on the net to see who has announced a stolen Shires 

My reaction to this, is this is someone who doesn't know anything about 
trombone selling a Shires horn.  My guess: either stolen, or doing it for 
somebody else.  If they are doing it for somebody else, they should be 
willing to admit it.


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> That description he gave does not match the pics on eBay.  I'd agree  to 
> steer clear of that one.
> Jeff
> On Nov 6, 2005, at 9:32 AM, Bonemaster wrote:
>> Okay, so I really like my Shires stuff and am on the lookout for more
>> options at a good price. I see a 'Shires Jazz' on eBay and I write  the 
>> guy,
>> asking about details that aren't specified in his description,  which is:
>> 'I planned to return to my jazz career, but things changed very  quickly 
>> for
>> me--and I have to put my plans on hold. I have not played the horn  at 
>> even
>> ONE gig! So, my challenge provides your opportunity to purchase one  the
>> finest horns made at a great price. The Shires is hand-crafted in 
>> Boston. It
>> comes with three lead-pipes, two mouthpieces and a hard case. Those  of 
>> you
>> who play professionally know how great this horn is. It plays very  open 
>> and
>> has an immaculate slide.'
>> I inquire:
>> What model is this--yellow or gold bell? 7.5, 7.75 or 8 in bell?
>> Soldered or non-soldered bell rim?
>> What about the slide--std or lightweight? Nickel or brass (yellow  or 
>> gold
>> brass)?
>> Bore of the slide--.500, .500/.508 or .508?
>> In response I get:
>> Hello
>> .525" slide in nickel, choice of valves and 8" or 8.5" bell. It  comes 
>> with
>> all the components the new item has.
>> thanks
>> What am I missing or failing to understand here? You'd think that  the 
>> owner
>> of this type horn would have a better grasp of specs than is  exhibited 
>> here,
>> or am I just to darn cynical?
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