[Trombone-l] Bucket mutes

Raymond Horton rayhorton at insightbb.com
Sun Nov 6 09:23:34 CST 2005

H & B: I've seen too many of these that get to be a few years old in 
which the clips pop right off.  One was still in stock in a music 
store.  (Hasn't anyone else witnessed bucket clip fatigue?)

Ira Nepus Soft Tone--  These are amazingly versitile.  Put it all the 
way over your bell for a great warm up mute - this takes a minute.  For 
a bucket - only drape it part way over the bell (I disagree with Denny - 
this can be done pretty quickly, I find).  And I use it to put on the 
floor under my straight mute so I don't make noise on quick changes, 
too!  I've also crumpled it my hand and used it when I forgot a plunger 
- not bad at all.

Jo-Ral: unique sound, weighs a ton.

Denny Seifried wrote:

> I am speaking only as a bass trombonist, concerning the bucket mute 
> question:
> H & B---great sound but impossible to get on quickly, especially on a 
> bass trombone, in a rapid passage. I remember playing the A Chorus 
> Line tour and there was one, quick change and I sweat bullets every 
> night on that passage. Also had my H & B fall off during a rehearsal 
> for a R. Clooney gig and hit bari players new bari---he wasn't real 
> thrilled either!
> Ira Nepus Soft Tone--I like it as a back-up and warm-up mute---mine 
> still takes quite a bit of time to get it onto the bell correctly for 
> bucket mute effects---nice back-up, if I forget my bucket.

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