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Sat Nov 5 20:37:03 CST 2005

 I'm holding on to two 5B bells, as the 5B is one of my favorites, and having a valve bore match the slide bore works well for me.

I once built for myself a "5B+", the first time a second trombone gig presented itself.  I used a 6B slide on the 5B bell - %$#@ awsome!

The 4B - BTW - is an excellent instrument as well.  I have a bell section for that too.  My quintet trombonist is a 5B player, and I'm in a historically King/Benge town - Cleveland.  I actually sold my Bach 42KDGM to get a 4B, only to run across a mutant 42 with a custom pipe which beat anything I'veever played.

Off the soapbox now :-)

---- Earl Needham <needhame1 at plateautel.net> wrote: 
> At 07:37 AM 11/5/2005, Richard Barrett wrote:
> >Jeff
> >
> >I had a similar experience with a late 1970s 4b earlier this year.  All
> >the more surprising as I had been looking at Conn 88Hs, having loved my
> >8H, and was convinced Conn 88H was what I would buy.
> >
> >Tried the 4b in a rehearsal, liked it within minutes, took it home and
> >kept it.  Wouldn't swap now.  I think it was the clarity, ease of
> >response and ability to cut through as needed that swung it for me.
>          I'm really enjoying this thread.
>          For years we've been hearing "Kings are too bright" for anything 
> other than jazz/salsa/marching band/whatever, and now we're now hearing how 
> much people LIKE them!
>          Earl
> P.S.  Duo Gravis rules!  <G>
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> Looking for one MasterMobile 20-meter and one 75-meter coil
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