[Trombone-l] Harmon mute

Marius Helg å marius.helga at nb.no
Sat Nov 5 15:33:29 CST 2005

Hi list

In my band we're currently playing "The Year of the Dragon" by Philip
Sparke. At the end of the first movement this piece calls for Harmon mute in
all trombones.

I have discovered that the sound of my brand new Denis Wick Harmon is rather
crisp, whilst the second trombonists old, battered mute of onknown brand
sounds very muffled. (The first trombonist haven't bought himself a harmon

The director of the band never pays much attention to the muting, so I was
wondering, what is your impression on what is the "right" sound ideal for
harmon mute playing?

Marius Helgå
Bass Trombone
Mo Hornmusikk, Mo i Rana, Norway

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