[Trombone-l] dg talks equipment???

Daryl Burch darylburch at speakeasy.net
Sat Nov 5 15:12:46 CST 2005

We is a fickle bunch, ain't we!?

There's a _beautiful_ Silver Sonorous 4B with F at Best in Oakland 
right now. It is pristine with no visible wear. I believe it's from the 
early 80's--not sure. Apparently it's been in their stock for awhile. 
Maybe because they're asking $2k for it and didn't seem like they'd 
budge in price at all.

I tried it out for about a half hour one day. Compared to my Bach 42, 
it was a much free-er blow. Very responsive. And could be pushed really 
hard without breaking up. Spoke much brighter & louder than my Bach 
(using the same Schilke 51C4). Loved it. Would be great for salsa, pit 
orchestra, big band 3rd or 4th book, or pop cover bands.

Only thing I didn't love was the ham-fisted feel of the rotary valve. 
Felt klunky and bigger than it needed to be.

So.... if I HAD the spare $2k in pocket change. I would pick up that 
particular horn. But would make sure I had a couple hundred dollars 
more in my pocket to swap out the F-attachment.



On Nov 5, 2005, at 9:00 AM, dslide13 at aol.com wrote:

> My primary horn is a later 70's straight 4B that is much darker than 
> the 1970 Seeburg 4B that I'm in love with.
> David Gibson
> trombonist/educator
> www.jazzbone.org
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>   That's a good point Earl, for a few years now I've used first a 
> Holton, and now a Rath 9 for orchestral work. I had the Duo Gravis as 
> a "back-up" and for jazz. However when I bought the Rath I traded in 
> the Holton as a deposit and so was without either for about two 
> months, during which I performed The Dream of Gerontius on the King. 
> It was superb!
> Rule 1: Never rule out a 1970s King.
> Keith in Bb/F/D
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> I'm really enjoying this thread.
>  For years we've been hearing "Kings are too bright" for anything 
> other than jazz/salsa/marching band/whatever, and now we're now 
> hearing how much people LIKE them!
> Earl
> P.S. Duo Gravis rules!
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