[Trombone-l] Thurs Rehearsal

Chris Tune crtune at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 5 12:03:47 CST 2005

I had an interesting rehearsal Thurs night.  There was a sub on Bass and 
also John Leys wife Beverly brought some vocal charts in.  I looked at the 
arranger on the vocal chart and who should it be but:


Very nice arrangements.  I briefly explained to the group that he and I are 
on the "Trombone-L" and told them also that I'd heard his stuff on BBC 
radio. Some of the others recognized the name from albums.

So the rehearsal went on and I noticed the bass player was pretty good.  In 
particular, he read real well (unfortunately, he was way on the other side 
of the band. . so I couldn't hear up close).  We had one chart on "What's 
New" that features the Bass playing the melody throughout, he read it down 
with ease.

I was packing up as the Bass player went out, and a trumpeter said: 
"Goodnight Don". . . .

I said: "Who was that?"  The trumpeter, said "Don Bagley"

No wonder he sounded good-he's on about a third of my record collection.

[funny world]  :-)

Chris Tune

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