[Trombone-l] Bucket mutes

Chris Tune crtune at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 5 11:50:38 CST 2005

I've been using the Jo-Ral, but lately I've taken up my EZ Buck (7 1/2 size) 
again.  The fast change aspect isn't so good (the clips have to be slipped 
over the rim of the bell. . .that takes some time), but the space 
consideration was what made me want to use the EZ. Sound is fine. . .this is 
hard to hear properly out in the tenth row, anyway.  I'd say they all 
produce a "muffled" sound.  They take off the higher harmonics of the tone, 
leaving fundamental and a coupla few lower harmonics.

Space is at a premium in my mute bag, so I get a better fit in there by 
putting the cup part of my H&B cup mute into the bowl of the EZ, and then 
slip my small straight mute and plunger into the sides.  The Yam practice 
mute is probably what really is taking up space, along with its electronics 
and some extra cords, all kinds of slide goop, cleaning rod kit (for a 
.30-06 rifle), stand light and extension cord, roll of cheesecloth, tuning 
machine (Boss), claves, shaker, etc.

Maybe I should put a roll of duct tape in there. . .that stuff is 
miraculous.  I could probably repair a broken cup mute with that, if need 


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> Jo-Ral, hands down.  I despise the clip system on the Humes and Berg.  I
> used one of the H&B's in undergrad jazz band (before I knew about the 
> JoRal
> mutes; many, many moons ago).  Our director would do arrangements where 
> you
> would have 8 QUICK measures to get it on.  Uggh.  Sound was pretty good,
> though.
> As far as the sound of the JoRal, I don't really notice it as being 
> stuffy.
> I actually like the sound of the JoRal quite well.  Personally, I think 
> the
> only negative is cost.
> I have no experience w/ the EZ Bucket, so no comment.
> Chris Dearth
> Principal Trombone, West Virginia Symphony
> Adjunct Instructor, West Virginia Wesleyan
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> On 11/5/05 11:05 AM, "Mikel K. Smith" <tbone at brassquintet.net> wrote:
>> I'm mute shopping, and curious as to other's opinions on the various 
>> buckets
>> out there - I've yet to be happy with anything I've tried.  FWIW it's 
>> worth,
>> my opinions on what I've used:
>> Humes and Berg:  Plus:  Sounds good, well made.  Negative: takes 
>> somewhere
>> between 16 measures and a week to get on your bell, and you need a 
>> different
>> one for every size bell you use.
>> JoRal: Plus: Indestructible, fits a range of bell sizes.  Negative: 
>> Sounds
>> stuffy, takes up a lot of room in the gig bag.
>> EZ Bucket:  Plus: Sounds good, easy to use.  Negative:  Plastic that 
>> breaks
>> easily, especially the bell clips, and only fits one bell size.
>> Softone:  .  Plus: Indestructible, easy to put on/take off, will fit a
>> narrow range of bell sizes. Negative: Sounds like you have a sock in your
>> bell.
>> Mikel
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