[Trombone-l] dg talks equipment???

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My primary horn is a later 70's straight 4B that is much darker than 
the 1970 Seeburg 4B that I'm in love with.

David Gibson

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   That's a good point Earl, for a few years now I've used first a 
Holton, and now a Rath 9 for orchestral work. I had the Duo Gravis as a 
"back-up" and for jazz. However when I bought the Rath I traded in the 
Holton as a deposit and so was without either for about two months, 
during which I performed The Dream of Gerontius on the King. It was 

 Rule 1: Never rule out a 1970s King.

 Keith in Bb/F/D

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 I'm really enjoying this thread.

  For years we've been hearing "Kings are too bright" for anything other 
than jazz/salsa/marching band/whatever, and now we're now hearing how 
much people LIKE them!


 P.S. Duo Gravis rules!
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