[Trombone-l] Bucket mutes

Denny Seifried ddsbstrb at woh.rr.com
Sat Nov 5 10:51:04 CST 2005

I am speaking only as a bass trombonist, concerning the bucket mute 

H & B---great sound but impossible to get on quickly, especially on a bass 
trombone, in a rapid passage. I remember playing the A Chorus Line tour and 
there was one, quick change and I sweat bullets every night on that passage. 
Also had my H & B fall off during a rehearsal for a R. Clooney gig and hit 
bari players new bari---he wasn't real thrilled either!

Ira Nepus Soft Tone--I like it as a back-up and warm-up mute---mine still 
takes quite a bit of time to get it onto the bell correctly for bucket mute 
effects---nice back-up, if I forget my bucket.

EZ Bucket---now, this is my favorite bucket as it gets close to the fav. H & 
B and changes very quickly and easily. Locks onto the bell like no other! 
BTW, you are right, I am on my second one, as I stuffed it into my mute bag 
and probable hit something with my mute bag or someone set their horn on my 
bag and broke one of the tabs. Steve Ferguson recommends carrying separate 
or using some type of plastic container (Tupperware styles deal) to protect 
the mute while in gig bag. I like this mute!

Tenor players may not be so picky as we bass bone guys, as our  mutes are so 
big and bulky and hard to handle quickly.

I have no experience with the Jor-Ral, as just the size for a bass one 
didn't look very functional.

Denny Seifried
Bass Trombone-Springfield (OH) Symphony & Dayton Jazz Orchestra
Adjunct Trombone-Wittenberg Univ. Dept. of Music

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> I'm mute shopping, and curious as to other's opinions on the various 
> buckets
> out there - I've yet to be happy with anything I've tried.  FWIW it's 
> worth,
> my opinions on what I've used:
> Humes and Berg:  Plus:  Sounds good, well made.  Negative: takes somewhere
> between 16 measures and a week to get on your bell, and you need a 
> different
> one for every size bell you use.
> JoRal: Plus: Indestructible, fits a range of bell sizes.  Negative: Sounds
> stuffy, takes up a lot of room in the gig bag.
> EZ Bucket:  Plus: Sounds good, easy to use.  Negative:  Plastic that 
> breaks
> easily, especially the bell clips, and only fits one bell size.
> Softone:  .  Plus: Indestructible, easy to put on/take off, will fit a
> narrow range of bell sizes. Negative: Sounds like you have a sock in your
> bell.
> Mikel
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