[Trombone-l] Bucket mutes

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JoRal works for me.  I don't think mine sounds stuffy.  I have always 
carried an equipment bag (one for tenor and one for bass) and have a size 
that accommodates bucket, harmon, cup, straight, solo tone and other stuff 
w/ room to spare.  But it took some time to figure out what order and 
direction to pack to make everything fit and still be accessible (smile).


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[Trombone-l] Bucket mutes

I'm mute shopping, and curious as to other's opinions on the various 
out there - I've yet to be happy with anything I've tried.  FWIW it's 
my opinions on what I've used:

Humes and Berg:  Plus:  Sounds good, well made.  Negative: takes somewhere
between 16 measures and a week to get on your bell, and you need a 
one for every size bell you use.
JoRal: Plus: Indestructible, fits a range of bell sizes.  Negative: Sounds
stuffy, takes up a lot of room in the gig bag.
EZ Bucket:  Plus: Sounds good, easy to use.  Negative:  Plastic that 
easily, especially the bell clips, and only fits one bell size.
Softone:  .  Plus: Indestructible, easy to put on/take off, will fit a
narrow range of bell sizes. Negative: Sounds like you have a sock in your


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