[Trombone-l] dg talks equipment???

Mikel K. Smith tbone at brassquintet.net
Thu Nov 3 16:50:39 CST 2005

Where is the Eastlake engraving?  I just looked at my 4B silversonic, and
all it says (that I can find) is the usual "KING Silversonic/Made by/H. N.
White Co./ Cleveland, Ohio".  Maybe they didn't make Silversonics in

On Nov 3, 2005, at 2:14 PM, dslide13 at aol.com wrote:

> I didn't realize that the factory was still in Eastlake, OH.  None
> of my other horns make the claim in the engraving.  The case for
> this horn also indicates that it is from the period when King had
> merged with Seeburg.
> David Gibson

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