[Trombone-l] Yucatan (mexico) Orchestra- bass trombone spot available

Jackie Harris-Stone bassboneladymail at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 16:36:52 CST 2005

I received this from the orchestra in Yucatan- the full contact and job details are listed on musicalchairs.info, but here is some unlisted information:
A translation of the important details (and Phil Brink can correct me if I've missed anything!) is that it is 12000 pesos a month, (a bit more than $1000 USD) which should allow you to live like a king/queen if you're single, and would be doable if you need to support two people, though how tight it would be, I don't know.  Living expenses are way cheaper than the U.S. or my neck of the woods-  a 3 bedroom apartment rents for less than 2000 pesos a month.  You would also teach trombone )probably beginner level) 4-6 hours a week, depending if you did one or two chamber music concerts a year.  6 service week (t-f rehearsal; friday/sunday concerts)
  Details I didn't ask are health insurance and time off.  Generally, you get these.  I think the salary is post- tax, but it's worth checking.  (my taxes are low, but not all Mexican orchestras have the same system)
  A great opportunity for someone who would like an orchestra job and a small bit of  teaching, and I have to say, Mexico is a great place to live.  (You'd probably do okay without Spanish skills- the ad's in English) 
Buenos días

>El salario aproximado del trombonista es de 12000 pesos. Las horas de 
>osn  4 a las semana si se dan 2 programas de música de cámara al año,
>O bien 6 horas a las semana si solo toca en 1 programa de música de cámar a
>l año.
>El nivel de los centros de musica dependería de lo que se acuerde
>normalmente es nivl princiepiantes. Los horarios de ensayo son de 8 30  a 
>30 de martes a viernes, os días de  onicertos son Viernes y Domingos. Los
>horarios de las clases dependeran del centro de música que se le asigne.
>El slario es normalmente un poco bajo compardo con unas orquestas ya que la
>vida aquí es muy barata. Se puede rentar una casa con 3 cuartos y piscina
>con menos de 2000 pesos para que tenga una idea.
>Espero haberle podido contestar sus preguntas
>Muchas Gracias.
>Estoy a sus ordenes
>Laura Ceballos
>Rel publicas

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