[Trombone-l] A lovely Tubax solo

Robert Slaven robert at robertslaven.ca
Wed Nov 2 00:30:00 CST 2005

From: "Adrian Drover" <slide.rule at adios.co.uk>
> From: "Daniel Pliskin" <daniel_pliskin at hotmail.com>
>> You can get a truly horrendous sound by putting an English horn reed in 
>> the mouthpiece of the trombone.  The whole instruments quakes.  It's loud 
>> and high pitched.

Or, a la Professor Peter Schickele and/or P.D.Q. Bach, stick a bassoon bocal 
into a trombone's mouthpiece, thereby creating a tromboon.
> Yep, that sounds like the bagpipes.  It's impossible to play them without 
> rupturing every eardrum within half a mile.
But that's part of the fun, innit?


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