[Trombone-l] Re: New York Bach Trombones for Sale

Graham Middleton gmiddleton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 09:23:13 CST 2005

To any one still interested.

i have sent the ny bach 16 off to josh roseman for approval, but the
ny bach 12 and the ny bach mercedes are stil for sale.  i have
pictures posted in my otj photo album

make me an offer.



On 10/18/05, Graham Middleton <gmiddleton at gmail.com> wrote:
> I currently have three early New York Bach trombones for sale.
> 1) A New York Bach 16 serial #193 made is 1932.  This is a very unique
> instrument, probably one of the first 16's that Vincent Bach ever
> made.  Some of the unique features to this instrument.  the hand slide
> inners are not chrome plated, but are made of unplated nickle.  Over
> my years of experience at S.E.Shires working on hand slides, only
> worked on a few slides that where unplated, and all of them required a
> lot of work to make work properly.  However, once i was able to
> properly clean and align them they proved to be just as durable and
> functional as there chrome plated counter parts.   This trombone also
> has a nickle neck pipe.  I personally enjoy the added clarity that the
> nickle neck pipe brings to this instrument.  I think was a standard
> feature with the earliest Bach trombones.  The bell shows no signs of
> repaired damage or serious trauma.  This trombone is a gem.  I am
> asking for $1500 USD.
> 2) A New York Bach 12 serial #3056 made around 1948.  By this point in
> Bach's trombone production, the models where all fairly standardized.
> This Model 12 has all of the same features as a the modern Bach 12's,
> 7.5 inch bell and .500 bore.  The trombone as a dense, dark sound, but
> still projects very well at all volumes. Most of the original lacquer
> is still on this instrument, and it is in good condition.  The
> original owner has told me that the bell flare had some damage done to
> it in the early 60's.  The damage has been repaired, but there are
> still a few ripples in the metal.  This instrument has spent the past
> 25-30 years in a basement, not being played.  I am asking $1250 USD.
> 3) Finally a New York Bach Mercedes Model serial number 2118 made
> around 1941.  This instrument come with the original case and
> mouthpiece.  The Mercedes is a .500 bore 7 inch bell trombone that is
> made almost entirely out of yellow brass (the hand slide inners and
> chrome plated nickle tubes, and the brace tubing is also made of
> nickle.)  This instrument was designed and built as an alternative the
> Stradivarius line.  It has a warm, vibrant sound, but is not stuffy
> like many of the other Bach trombones.  Measurements i have taken show
> that this instrument as a more open lead pipe than the Model 12 I have
> listed above.  I have left what was left of the original lacquer on
> this instrument, about %15, but polished the rest of the instrument.
> I actually have 2 of these trombone, but i am keeping the other one,
> #2316, as my main small bore trombone. I am asking for $550 USD for
> this trombone.
> Thanks for your time.  If you are interested in photographs or more
> descriptions, please feel free to ask.
> Sincerely,
> Graham Middleton

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