[Trombone-l] Small Bore jazz horn advice, and wanted (also Conn 88)

Jackie Harris-Stone bassboneladymail at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 07:11:48 CST 2005

  I had a student in one of my trombone ensembles ask me about upgrading a small bore horn (used for salsa, Latin, norteno kind of thing).  First of all, what would those of you out there doing that kind of gig suggest?  Secondly, what is for sale? I know there were a rash of Bach 16's for a while- are they still out there?  
  Also, our second trombonist is looking for a Conn 88H, but needs to wait until we get our Christmas bonus.  Any of you have or know of a good horn available around that time?  He also is interested in a Getzen orchestral horn, (or bell and valve section) and of course, Edwards, but the proce might be prohibitive for him on an Edwards.  
  Jackie Harris-Stone

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