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Jackie Harris-Stone bassboneladymail at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 07:44:47 CST 2005

My dad and I (both brass players)  both had wisdom teeth out the same year- he was in his 50's; I in my late teens.  You don't say if they were impacted or not, and if they're not, this tale does not apply to you; both of us did not have enough space in our jaw for them to come through.
  My dad had them out first, and after years of being advised to have them out, he finally was getting abcesses and infections. The longer you wait, I'm afraid, the longer the roots are, so all you younger players who are putting this off, DON'T.  What my dad found is that you cannot put this off indefinately- it does catch up- and then you HAVE to, at which point, it can be rough.  He did have numbness for a while, (I believe it can be about 6 weeks to 6 months) on one side of his face, due to the long time he had waited.  He's fine, now, and can play all his brass instruments, but did have problems for a bit- he was so unaware of his muscles, he was drooling for a couple of weeks.  However, do have a long, frank, talk with your dentist about what will happen if you do not, because as I remember doing the same with mine, it will eventually catch up with you- you will be really likely to get abcesses, infections, and even eventually die.  It's not something you can avoid indefinately
  Due to my dad's  example of what can happen if you delay, when my dentist recommended mine were out, I went to the oral surgeon right away, after asking the consequences if I didn't ever have them removed (the above mentioned abcesses, infections, and death).  Apparently, talking to the oral surgeon, the longer the roots grow, the closer they get to the sinuses, and the more chance you can have of damage.   I have to say, I had a much easier time with it than my dad.  I had them under partial sedation, as I had TMJ and they wanted me to be able to let them know if they were moving my jaw in the wrong way- I would suggest going under if you can.   Because I had a small jaw, which I probably inherited from my dad, it was a tough surgery for them to do- a later dentist remarked he didn't see how they could have gotten it out at all.  Results, therefore, are probably are atypical for both of us,  but I was asked not to play for 3 weeks, up from the original 1, in order not to risk
 blowing a sinus that the doctors got close to in the surgery.  But after that, I was back on my feet with no problems.  I was painfree after about 4 days.  
  I know this is NOT terribly encouraging.   Hopefully, you're talking a non-impacted extraction, which is much simpler, and I doubt you have the extra small jaw of the two of us.  But my main point is that you cannot put it off forever, and the sooner you get it done, for all those with impacted wisdom teeth, the better off you'll be.   
  Talking with many, many, players, though, all the people I've talked to seem to have no problems, some even playing the first day.  Hopefully, my dad will be the worst case scenario, and even he healed fine.
  Jackie Harris- Stone
  Bass trombone, Orquesta Sinfonica de Monterrey (UANL)

>As a 50 year old tubist, my dentist is STRONGLY recommending removal of my
>wisdom teeth. My greatest fear is that I will suffer some nerve damage that
>may affect my playing. Is there anyone out there in brass land that has any
>experience with this? Thanks.
>Tony Clements
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